The most prosperous companies today ensure that their IT environment promotes both productivity and sustainability, right from the very beginning. How can you create a setup that guarantees both? Stable people, process, products, and partners will lend strength to each branch of your business if you allow it to.

Through this article, my goal is to illustrate how to achieve “the perfect setup in your IT environment that will have a powerful impact on your business.

The ideal IT environment for any business that depends on IT operations is no different from any other processes. The key is management.

Many companies think that “we can just use the cloud.” Well, that’ true in some instances but just keep in mind that there’s nothing that replaces proper management. Cloud is an excellent IT service and can be the answer for some businesses.

However, any IT service provider can “keep the lights on” but business changes in the blink of an eye. You must manage your own IT environments, even it in the cloud because the more control you give up, the less quality you will have. I am not suggesting that you do not trust your cloud or any other IT service provider. What I am suggesting is that the “set it and forget it” mindset depends on luck and not preparedness.

How can you build an optimal IT environment and stay in control? Well, like I stated before, good management. There is MBAs, CPAs, PhDs, RNs, and other professional levels of expert management for specific domains.

For IT, there’s IT Service Management or ITSM. One flavor that I’m very familiar with is ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) which is the most widely used ITSM. ITIL® is a set of books that provide a framework for managing IT environments as well as the people, process, products, and partners that make IT environments what they end up being.

If you’re serious about managing and optimizing your IT environments, using an ITSM framework such as ITIL® will bring the value of genuinely aligning your IT environment to your desired business outcomes.

Consider ITIL® or whichever flavor of ITSM aligns best with your business by attending some introduction classes, webinars, or seminars. Get your IT people certified, or hire an ITSM consultant or firm to help guide you. Just start the process.

The importance of setting up a successful IT environment cannot be understated. Establishing “the perfect setup” is beneficial to your IT people, processes, products, and partners. Which in turn helps your business tremendously, primarily if you depend on IT operations.