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Responsive Service Always Here When You Need Us

When your network has an issue, who owns the problem? Chances are it falls on you or one of your colleagues. Either way, fixing the issue can quickly turn into a time-sink that ends up hitting your bottom line.

Our Responsive Service Program solves that costly headache. It offers IT support that pairs network monitoring with “on call” support that lets us take care of network issues from diagnosis to resolution. In addition, it provides quarterly reporting to track performance and annual consulting to offer clear options for improvement.

In all, this program gives your business the services it needs for solving problems quickly and professionally. The result: your staff can stop wearing the help desk hat, and help you reduce a host of hidden costs in the process.




Network Monitoring and Reporting with Additional On-Call Support

• Availability monitoring of your core network devices
• Backup system monitoring
• Virus protection monitoring
• Internet connectivity assessment
• Firewall availability monitoring
• Support service at a discounted rate
• Priority ranking in the service queue
• Quarterly health reporting to review the ongoing health of your network
• Annual consulting services that help your business plan for future growth and the IT you need to support it




Faster Repairs: A staff of experienced IT professionals will monitor your network and resolve issues quickly as they arise, letting you focus on the business instead of the network.


Higher Productivity: With this level of professional network support the impact of any IT failure is reduced, which gets your business back up and running faster than before.


Total Cost Savings: Professional monitoring quickly gets to the root of the issue. Diagnosis time goes from hours to minutes, costing you less than if you fixed it yourself.


Improved Accountability: Also track the performance of the services and hosted applications from your providers. Ensure that you’re getting what you’re paying for.


Improved Service Overall: On-call IT support is offered at a discount, and your service calls get higher priority over other businesses that are working without a contract.