Hey, This is Manuel (yeah, it’s me asking for your help):

I have a small favor to request that in the end will benefit you. But first, let me explain what’s led up to this. Over the last year, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients who are inquiring about how to integrate Office 365 (files, e-mail, etc.) on a mobile device — be it an iPad, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

We’ve also seen an increase in the number of clients who allow employees to bring their own devices to work and/or access the company network from home using their personal computer or phone.

Naturally, this raises many questions and concerns over HIPAA Security: What’s the best way to allow remote access to company and patient data? What are the best policies for patient privacy and cloud computing? How can we ensure our compliance with HIPAA and other data breach laws and regulatory controls?

That’s why we’ve decided to hold a series of educational events (starting next week) on this topic to answer important questions and to guide our clients to use safe, best practices when introducing mobile devices onto their network.

So far, my topics are:

  • Do Business Anywhere—‚Office apps—even better with Office 365
  • Improve Efficiency and Profitability with Office 365
  • Collaborate on files from anywhere, with Business-class mobile apps with Office 365
  • Share files internally and externally, with Office 365
  • Still tethered to your desk phone? Cloud PBX with advanced features, with Office 365
  • Offer your patients the ability to schedule their own appointments online, with Office 365
  • Safeguard Your Business: The security and control you need, Office 365 Business-class mobile app

However, I’m struggling to narrow down the more topics, and the questions we should address during these sessions since mobile and cloud computing are such big topics in healthcare today.

So, instead of just guessing, I was hoping you could do me a favor by answering the following 2 questions:


“What is the single most important question you would like us to address on the topic of Office 365 mobile and cloud computing for medical practices?”


“What’s the single biggest CONCERN you have about using Office 365 with cloud computing and employees remotely accessing your network with mobile devices?”


If you would just take a moment to reply back using the form below and give me some direction on this, I would be very grateful.

As soon as we gather feedback, I’ll be sure to contact you with a VIP invitation to these events.

Many thanks!