Today the Senate plans to release its healthcare bill or is it a “wealthcare” bill? Of course, this will more than likely be rejected by the Democrats and possibly welcomed, or at least voted for but the Republicans.

GOP opponents, namely Democrats think this is just a tax cut for the wealthy, so that is why I’m asking is it really “wealthcare.”

At the end of the day, I’m not going to try to delve into politics, but this matter goes far beyond politics. Seemingly, it goes well beyond health as well. Whatever your political persuasion, this will be a pivotal point in US culture.

One company is looking beyond the Dems and GOP bickering and providing healthcare 24×7 to your employees from their phones, desktops, or tablets. When you have about 2 minutes, watch this short video on Hosperity.

Hosperity provides doctors, nurses, and counselors for your employees at any time and from anywhere. Here’s a short video.

Do you think this new bill will be more healthcare or wealthcare? Answer in this Twitter Poll