According to a recent Techaisle study, businesses like yours face two key challenges: budget constraints and excessive data growth. How can you stay agile and balance growth with IT costs? With enterprise-grade cloud storage, you can keep up with data and business expansion easily and affordably while making the most of your existing budget and IT assets.

Look to the cloud

By extending your own datacenter to the cloud, you’ll gain flexible IT infrastructure that scales on demand without scaling out costs. Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of applications, storage, backup, and recovery with hybrid cloud options.

Get more value from your hardware

Maximize your hardware investment and stay on top of data growth with a hybrid cloud strategy. You can scale out workloads and storage across your own data center and other providers such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. And with cloud options like Microsoft Office 365, you’ll gain powerful new productivity tools without increasing your IT infrastructure.

Learn how to make this happen in 5 easy steps

Manuel W. Lloyd will be holding a series of webinars and lunch-n-learns on how to prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize hybrid cloud solutions that will help your organization be operationally efficient and effective.

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