It’s 2017, and I’ve come to realize that we’re living in a Millennial-driven marketplace. Obvious, right? Well, some creative geniuses are coming up with a way to monetize that movement by using gamification to not only to keep up with that millennial movement but profit from it as well.

What if there was a way to use gaming to benefit your company’s bottom line, quality, and customer service? Happier employees, happier customers. healthier profits. Yeah, you’re not interested in that, right?

1Huddle has revolutionized employee learning by modernizing the old and outdated training model which most people, young or old, will forget the content within two weeks after the training. 

1Huddle provides a platform with a continuous training method that garners rewards for reaching certain levels which not only benefits the “gamer”, it benefits your business by using your company’s content such as policies, sales quotas, and customer service specific to your company. You can ensure your business obtains the quality and outcomes desired.

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Short Video Example