Soooooo, computer bugs, viruses, adware, malware, trojans, ransomware, now maybe “cyberware”? Well, don’t you find it coincidental that these terms are also industries now?

There are companies where that’s all they sell… hmmm… Could it be possible that those nasty terms and their activities were designed on purpose to build those industries and companies?

I’m I being too paranoid about this? Maybe but think about it, are malicious actors creating bugs, malware, viruses, etc. to get their kicks crashing computers and nothing more? I don’t buy that. Trust me; malicious actors could care less about crashing your computer.

One exception is that ransomware attackers ask for funds directly, although in most cases, small quantities in comparison to what they really can get. (NOTE: never pay a ransomware attacker. Call the FBI)

I grew up in “the hood,” and when the hit rap “C.R.E.A.M.” came out by WU-TANG clan, most people I knew could relate. It stands for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.” Money may be the “root of all evil” but it pays the bills too! I’m just sayin’…

That was from birth until 18, after which, I joined the US Marine Corps, and my life changed! I spent a 4-year tour and got out and started my own business.

I’m 53 now and live a pretty good life. Yup, times have changed, and cash has become mostly digital. Therefore I’ve modified the acronym to represent the present day. I call it D.R.E.A.M. or “Data Rules Everything Around Me” and these malicious actors ‘dream’ big and want your data.

Now more than ever, data has become equal to or a higher value than cash alone. Why? IMHO, data not only gets malicious actors cash, but it also gives them leverage to do severe damage to keep that cash flowing—secretes, reputation damage, blackmail, terror — anything to control you, forever. 

It’s our fault though. We’re so addicted to technology because it “makes things better.” But does it?

Alas, there is hope, for just $0.99 + $1B in shipping and handling… just kidding 😉 Seriously, there is hope. But wait! There’s more… just kidding again. The hope? It’s you. You are the most intelligent person you know. Listen to your gut, follow your aspirations, and chose IT products with extreme prejudice.