Business doesn’t just happen in the back office anymore. We’re now living in a world where everyone works on the go and they’re using their devices more than ever. Mobile apps have transformed the way we do our jobs and how we interact with corporate data. The demand for mobile applications in the enterprise is exploding and growing faster than most already overburdened IT departments can handle.

Today’s workforce demands a consistent user experience, no matter what device they’re using, from native iOS, Android and Windows apps to browser-based web apps. Users want to select the best device for the job without being limited by the constraints of the software.

Apps need to run on the most recent handsets with the most recent operating system versions or they’ll simply be abandoned when updates are available or the latest device is released.

Mobile app development is a relatively new competency in many organizations, and how employees interact with mobile apps is evolving. At the same time, enterprises find it difficult and costly to hire developers with good mobile software development skills.

IT leaders responsible for mobile solutions need to know how to address the challenges that rapidly evolving technology presents. Because capabilities, tools, and technologies are evolving so quickly, it’s important for the enterprise to select software that’s resilient to change.

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