According to PWC, 90% of managers say traditional performance management is not a good use of time and that only 13% of the workforce is engaged and no sign of big improvements. PW also reports less than 19% of employees are consuming e-learning content. What does this all mean?

I don’t claim to have all the answers but more research shows that the new world of work demands a big change. A changing workforce with new expectations is breaking the old way of doing HR. 50% of workers are in the Millennial generation today, they will be 75% by 2025. 65% of Millennials care most about opportunities for personal development and only 18% expect a long career at their current job. One company that has impressed me is Flashbrand, powered by SPA HANA®.

Flashbrand gives people the power to manage their personal development and improve their brand by providing real-time feedback, instant e-learning, digital intelligent coaching and constant listening. It simplifies HR, inspires a growth mindset, develops a feedback culture and helps organizations adapt to the new world of work. For more details, watch this short video.