Founder, Certified ITIL®

Manuel W. Lloyd

We help our clients with a complete IT service strategy. The purpose of the IT service strategy stage of the service lifecycle is to define the perspective, position, plans and patterns to be able to execute to meet our client’s business outcomes.

The objectives of IT service strategy include providing:

  • An understanding of what strategy is needed
  • A clear identification of the definition of IT services and those who use them
  • The ability to define how value is created and delivered
  • A means to identify opportunities to provide IT services and how to exploit them
  • A clear service provision model, that articulates how IT services will be delivered and funded, and to whom they will be delivered and for what purpose
  • The means to understand the organizational capability required to deliver the IT strategy
  • Documentation and coordination of how IT service assets are used to deliver IT services, and how to optimize their performance
  • Processes that define the strategy of the organization, which IT services will achieve the strategy, what level of investment will be required, at what levels of demand, and the means to ensure a working relationship exists between our customer, our company, and all other IT service providers involved

Adopting and implementing our standard and consistent approach for IT service strategy brings immediate value for your money and will:

  • Support the ability to link activities performed by the service provider to outcomes that are critical to internal or external customers. As a result, the service provider will be seen to be contributing to the value (and not just the costs) of the organization.
  • Enable the service provider to have a clear understanding of what types and levels of service will make its customers successful and then organize itself optimally to deliver and support those services. The service provider will achieve this through a process of defining strategies and services, ensuring a consistent, repeatable approach to defining how value will be built and delivered that is accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Enable the service provider to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the business environment, ensuring increased competitive advantage over time.
  • Support the creation and maintenance of a portfolio of quantified services that will enable the business to achieve positive return on its investment in services.
  • Facilitate functional and transparent communication between the customer and the service provider, so that both have a consistent understanding of what is required and how it will be delivered.
  • Provide the means to operate in an organized manner so that IT services are operate in an efficient and effective manner.

About Manuel W. Lloyd

Manuel W. Lloyd is a seasoned process expert with a 25-year-old obsession for providing operational efficiency for business operations using thought leadership, insights, and leading edge thinking using his proven revolutionary formula.

As part of our vC-Suite™ Process Expert Team, Manuel operates as your Virtual CIO , Manuel or vCIO. In this role, all teams report to Manuel as he administers, directs, develops, evaluates, advises, prepares, interacts with, reviews, ensures, oversees, identifies, assesses, establishes, maintains, participates in, and is responsible for all Operational Efficiency areas.

Manuel and his Process Experts Team are certified in ITIL®, PMP, CSSBB, FINRA, HIPAA, etc. He and his team help business decision makers identify and focus on the highest value activities and eliminating inefficiencies and ensure your healthcare organization will be able to efficiently service more customers with varying requirements using only limited resources whiling.

Manuel will help your business define, measure and report relevant metrics to help with fact-based decision-making with his more that 25 years of business insights.

Manuel’s revolutionary formula for operational efficiency will Improve your businesses’ efficiency by automating standard tasks and applying lean principles to your work.

While stationed at Camp David, working for President Ronald Reagan as well as other United States Marine Corps training, combine with his more than 25 years of business experience, Manuel will help your enterprise unite your teams and your processes by understanding interdependencies and their impact.

Manuel will help your organization stay laser focused on operational efficiency

Identify and focus on the highest value activities Unite teams and processes by understanding interdependencies and their impact Save costs by centralizing activities and teams using well-defined fit-for-purpose and fit-for use processes
Service multiple customers with varying requirements using only limited resources Influence the organizational culture to support continual improvement activities Be in control by clearly understanding your process responsibilities and expected outputs
Define, measure and report relevant metrics to help with fact-based decision-making Improve communication by encouraging the use of common terminology Build trust within the organization by understanding and aligning stakeholder goals, objectives and incentives
Improve efficiency by automating standard tasks and applying lean principles to your work Identify alignment opportunities with the business by identifying and understanding the value chain Demonstrate business focus by taking a customer-centric approach to services

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