January 14, 2017

Healthcare Innovation+Insight in the Cloud

Cloud momentum The demand for hybrid cloud solutions is clear. Today’s organizations are looking for more agility, easier management, and access to more capacity to enable them to handle increased growing data and infrastructure demands without increasing costs. Forty-one percent of health executives say the volume of data their organization manages has grown by more…

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December 27, 2016

9 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Acquiring New Patients—And Keeping Existing Ones

Social media marketing provides a way for your medical practice to increase “word of mouth” advertising about your quality patient care. Listen in for more…    

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July 26, 2016

Developing a Trusted Social Media Reputation

How Healthcare Providers Can Avoid Reputation Damage In Social Media Establishing credibility and gaining an admired reputation on Social Media is NOT an impossible dream. In fact, I’ve got tons of tips to help you gain exactly that … a good reputation with their patients, employees, and vendors! A weak reputation can certainly improve with the proper steps and…

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