June 26, 2018

Setting the Stage for IT Operational Greatness – Act I, Here We Go!

The most prosperous companies today ensure that their IT environment promotes both productivity and sustainability, right from the very beginning. How can you create a setup that guarantees both? Stable people, process, products, and partners will lend strength to each branch of your business if you allow it to. Through this article, my goal is…

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June 20, 2018

I Think I Need to Sit Down … I Didn’t Understand a Word of That

This article is about ITSM, yet another technical term. But do you understand what it is or even care? I will try to explain why you should know and care, in non-technical terms unlike like a mechanic that said… Once the timing belt went, the cams spun out of control and broke the rocker arms….

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March 16, 2018

Spring Cleaning Is Coming Soon… Don’t Let Your Get Scrubbed

If you think most data breaches are due to malicious insiders, you’d be wrong. Forrester found that only 12% of security incidents are caused by disgruntled employees with mal-intent. Whereas, a whopping 27% of security breaches were caused by employees’ inadvertent misuse of data.2 This means that if your business does experience a security breach,…

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February 14, 2018

Gamification For Better Health?

In one of the LinkedIn Groups, I’m a part of; the question was asked How do we motivate people to become active participants in improving their health? Here’s my response “One thing I have been doing for years to get X (X = End Users, Patients, Executives, etc.) to become more active (from a technology acceptance viewpoint)…

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December 13, 2017

5 Key Elements In Using the ITIL Framework to Manage the Boom in Blockchain

Blockchain is likely here to stay. Read this article I authored that’s been picked up by Simplilearn.com, one of the world’s leading certification training providers. They partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.    

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August 8, 2017

Think Ahead with Azure!

Businesses can’t ask where they want to be in 5 years without considering where they want their tech to be as well. The way I handle our IT solutions has a direct impact on how I manage business, growth, and disaster. How do I build solutions now that will work later? By developing solutions that…

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July 31, 2017

Why Azure?

As an IT Service Management consultant, I work with customers to select the best services to support their IT and make it secure. It’s my job to know the difference between a trend and solutions worth adopting. In this cloud market, I recommend Microsoft Azure. They’re an efficient, secure, flexible, and cost-effective method for data…

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June 27, 2017

4 critical elements for e-signatures

While we still do not have flying cars in 2017 yet (I think) and we’re not completely paperless, we do have e-signatures. Yep, you can use cute fonts to legally bind a document without every having to lift a pen. Over the course of my professional career, I’ve used and helped clients use may of…

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June 24, 2017

Can Gamification Increase Revenue?

It’s 2017, and I’ve come to realize that we’re living in a Millennial-driven marketplace. Obvious, right? Well, some creative geniuses are coming up with a way to monetize that movement by using gamification to not only to keep up with that millennial movement but profit from it as well. What if there was a way…

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June 22, 2017

Healthcare or Wealthcare

Today the Senate plans to release its healthcare bill or is it a “wealthcare” bill? Of course, this will more than likely be rejected by the Democrats and possibly welcomed, or at least voted for but the Republicans. GOP opponents, namely Democrats think this is just a tax cut for the wealthy, so that is…

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