About Us

Manuel W. Lloyd Consulting® is a 25-year-old Consultancy providing operational efficiency for healthcare clinical, practice, financial, and Information Technology frameworks with thought leadership, insights, and leading edge thinking using our proven revolutionary formula.

Using core best practices from established frameworks such as ITIL® along with our formula, we help healthcare organizations support business outcomes, enable business change, manage risk in line with business needs, optimize patient experience, show value for spend in continually improvement processes, practices, and procedures.

Manuel W. Lloyd Consulting® is a top-notch Consultancy helping healthcare organizations achieve operational efficiency in clinical, practice, financial, and IT operations using best practices that identify and focus on the highest value activities, service multiple patients with varying requirements using only limited resources, define, measure and report relevant metrics to help with fact-based decision-making, improve efficiency by automating standard tasks and applying lean principles to your work.

Our revolutionary formula will help your healthcare organization unite teams and processes by understanding interdependencies and their impact, influence the organizational culture to support continual improvement activities, improve communication by encouraging the use of common terminology.

We identify alignment opportunities within your healthcare organization by identifying and understanding the value chain, centralize activities and teams using well-defined fit-for-purpose & fit-for-use processes to cut costs.

With our system, you’ll be in control of your clinical, practice, financial, and IT operations by clearly understanding your process responsibilities and expected outputs, build internal trust by understanding & aligning stakeholder goals, objectives & incentives, demonstrate business focus by taking a customer-centric approach to patient care.

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