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    DECEMBER 7TH: Join Manuel W. Lloyd as he discusses the 5 environments every IT decision maker must understand when it comes to business resilience and how ITIL® will help you meet business outcomes with ease.

    Aligning ITIL Service Continuity with Cloud Computing: 5 Keys To Success



Operational Efficiency That Aligns Information Technology To Business Objectives


Manuel W. Lloyd

Founder, Certified ITIL®

With the ever changing emerging technologies, compliance, governance, and cyber threats businesses face today, business decision makers have to identify and focus on the highest value activities more than ever for operational efficiency. Manuel W. Lloyd Consulting® provides data-driven management that supports business outcomes, enables business change, and manages risk in line with business needs….

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H. Christine Lloyd

Managing Partner, Client Services

Have you experienced less than satisfactory results from Healthcare operational efficiency alignment? Are you in need of a team that excels in project scoping, management and delivery? Would your business benefit from a relationship that delivers on your organizational objectives by maximizing your operational efficiency? With PMP, CSSBB, and ITIL® certified teammates, Christine leads our project management team in…

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Industry Experts

Compliance, Governance & Cyber

To adapt to changing demands, many businesses are looking to leverage emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing. While this builds your potential revenue and capacity to serve more customers and patients, interoperability of your systems are more crucial than ever for maximizing operational efficiency and showing value for spend. Manuel W. Lloyd Consulting® uses thought…

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Business Sectors

Public, Healthcare, Finance & Retail

At Manuel W. Lloyd Consulting® we realize that you and your staff want to spend more time on customer satisfaction and spend less time on technology and administrative tasks. That’s why we provide services and solutions that create operational efficiency and saves cost by centralizing activities and teams using well-defined, fit-for-purpose, and fit-for-use processes. Our…

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Operational Efficiency Process Experts Focused On Continuous Improvement


  • Federal Food & Drug 21-CRF-11
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (Sarbox)
  • Gramm-Leach-Billey (GLBA)


  • People
  • Process
  • Policies
  • Vendors
  • Technology


  • Infrastructure
  • Connectivity
  • Mobility
  • Performance
  • Resilience

Are You Already A Client & Need Assistance?



  • “Manny is very talented and well versed in…

    IT infrastructure, software and security. His vast knowledge is impressive and extremely valuable in assisting with HIPAA's SRA. I would highly recommend Manny to any organization seeking IT/security assistance." —Ann Marie Lorenz, Practice Manager at Bowling Orthopaedics

  • “Every day, Manuel provides clarity, insight, and vision into…

    ...information systems decision-making at our community health center. As the vCIO, his expertise in information systems design, planning and implementation transformed our raw set of networking devices into a truly scalable and unified infrastructure. Enhancements to our fail-over capability, cloud-based backups, and network security were introduced at a level unachievable without the business intelligence provided by Manuel W.Lloyd." —Mark Johnson, Practice Administrator, MedNorth

  • “MWL Consulting has been working as Virtual CIO…

    ...with our Health Center for the past year. During this time, he has provided much-needed oversight and direction for the IT and HIPAA. He has been instrumental in taking our IT and electronic record to the next level in preparation for future growth. We have also contracted with his help desk and NOC which are excellent. You have a person answer every time you call! That is a pleasant change. I would highly recommend this organization" —Dr. Carla Saviñon, COO MedNorth

  • “I have worked with Manuel on a few business continuity projects…

    ...He is extremely knowledgeable and detailed in his approach to the projects. If keeping your Business in Business is important, Manuel understands the technology and the process to ensure your goals are accomplished" —Rich Vena, Corus360

  • “As President of the Wilmington Medical Group Management…

    ...we have appreciated his meeting and educational support. As a healthcare consultant, I have appreciated my relationship with him as I encounter clients with IT challenges. Manny is very responsive and comfortable with serving as a consultant, 2nd opinion, accessory to onsite IT or a full solution- as best fits the need. His scalability, flexibility, and a network of IT experts allow me to focus on other wins for the healthcare community" —Erinn Beekman, Big Fish Training Solutions

  • “I endorse Manuel 100%…

    ...I recently met Manuel and was immediately impressed. Our missions are very similar, we help physicians protect their business, their reputations, and their livelihood. We have all met and worked with IT people before, but Manuel has incredible credentials and you immediately understand his ethics and integrity. That in itself is so valuable. You can get to work on the IT issues/data risk management that you are facing and you never have to worry about the value you're receiving. That is truly powerful. I endorse Manuel 100" —Michael Tekely, Regional Vice President, MedMal Directo

  • “Manuel W. Lloyd Consulting® is a company that is superior to most IT companies…

    ...I have worked with in the past... I am sure I am not the only one that feels a sense of doom and gloom when you have to call a 1-800 number for technical assistance or support. Well, with MWLConsulting® the experience is completely different. The entire team is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Every time you call their number, someone answers and helps you with the problem right then. If they can't solve the problem, they will bring a team member who can. They have been working with our Healthcare Company as the Virtual CIO, providing IT support, assisting with business continuity planning, and disaster recovery. They have been critical in our IT development and unlike any other company we have worked with in the past" Dr. Carla Saviñon, COO, MedNorth Healthcare Center

  • Live Speech on Why the Golden Agers Understand Emerging Healthcare Technology Better Than Millennials:

    "Thank you so much for a fascinating presentation! I think that everyone was awed by the depth of your knowledge about a subject that is mysterious to most of us. You gave us a lot to think about..."— Susan Silver Executive Director Aging in Place Downtown

  • “Manny is the ideal technology partner…

    ...He is far ahead of the curve of practical...technology and his business insights are second to none" - John Rowley, Partner/CRO, Rivet

  • “Manuel is such a spirited and creative guy…

    ...He has great ideas and helps others have great ideas. And when it comes time to implement, he knows how to get it done" — Rick Hair, COO, Arganteal Corporation

  • “Very efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Manuel…

    ...I had the pleasure of working with Manuel on several projects at the Wilmington Health. Manuel’s ability to juggle multiple projects was great and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. No matter how tense a meeting, Manuel made sure everyone on our team was loose. Manuel would be an asset to any team" — Jody Marshburn, Sr. Network Engineer, Wilmington Health

  • “From the moment I shook Manuel Lloyd’s hand I knew he was the real deal…

    ...Manuel's knowledge is unreal, and his ability to dissect, and put together a strategic plan to get my company heading in the right direction was on point. No matter how big or little the projects are Manual tackles it with a passion for the love of Information Technology. One thing that definitely stood out was his ability to keep all projects on the front burner, and his resources seem infinite. Communication, Accessibility, and Dependable are a few words that come to mind when I think of Manuel Lloyd. I would highly recommend Manuel Lloyd" — Joe Rose, Senior Network Engineer

  • “We hired Manny to review out email architecture and make some recommendations…

    ...for improving the performance. He had a surprisingly deep level of understanding of the subject matter and was also able to see the big picture of how it integrated with our overall business strategy. He was frank with his recommendations and helped guide us down the path to the right decision! We'd certainly use him again!" — Spence Hackney, President, Proclaim Interactive

  • “Manny knows how to run a successful IT company and is a great resource…

    ...for other channel pros. His understands managed and cloud services and how to use them to good advantage, and his advice on entering into partnerships is sound. He always finds time to talk if you need something and is a pleasure to work with" — Cecilia Gavin, Executive Editor, ChannelPro-SMB

  • “Manny is often our go-to resource for IT channel and business expertise…

    ...Whether he is serving as an expert source for an article or on stage at one of our live events, we know that he will deliver the expert opinion in an engaging, entertaining and a thoroughly credible way. Manny makes our job easy!" — Michael Siggins, VP & Publisher, ChannelPro Magazine

  • “Manuel Lloyd has acted in a vCIO capacity for Wilmington Health for several months…

    ...and has provided invaluable leadership and strategic direction for us. He has helped perform some heavy-lifting on high-level initiatives to include storage, backup, archive, disaster recovery, and business continuity. He is very adept and up to date with new technologies, but is able to balance with excellent communication and negotiation skills with stakeholders and vendors. For this, he has been a very valuable asset to me, the IT Manager, and to Wilmington Health overall"  — Todd Richardson, IT Manager, Wilmington Health

  • “Manuel is an industry thought leader with a keen focus on best in class service…

    ...to both his clients and communities he serves. He is absolutely a pleasure to work with bringing to the forefront not only the desired level of business acumen for success but also the willingness to go the extra mile" — Nicole Keaton, Former SVP Information Security Operations, SunTrust Bank

  • “If you want someone who understands technology and its end-to-end place in business…”

    ...Manuel's your guy. He's always had three traits that are rarely found together in any one person - passion, vision, and sincerity. Manuel takes good care of his employees, and naturally, makes you feel challenged and empowered. As a client, Manuel's attention always puts you first, he listens and ensures you're comfortable and in-the-know about every important decision. Excellent manager of things people and process" — Chris Weber, Managing Partner, Casaba Security